Current version: 4.0 RC8 (Changelog)

Download (also contains the manual as PDF)


Short description

MortScript interprets a (quite) simple batch language. If you know .bat
files in DOS or shell scripts: it's something like that. Its
focus is to remote control or launch other applications, not to write
real applications.
I.e., you can't do complex dialogs or graphics with it.

It's more an hacker tool without a nifty interface, you have to write your scripts with any text editor.

For beginners, this might be a bit too complicated.
However, it's still far more easy to use than e.g. C++.


Available commands currently include:

  • Run, activate, hide, close, and kill programs

  • Wait functions: certain timespan, wait for existence or activation of windows, lots of other conditions (SleepMessage).

  • Send keystrokes, mouse clicks, and some window messages (OK, Cancel, Yes, and No buttons) to windows

  • File operations: copy, rename/move, delete, create shortcuts, read and write text files

  • Support of ZIP archives (no replacement of existing archived files)

  • Read/write access to serial (COM) ports

  • Create and remove directories

  • Read from and write into the registry

  • Open and close connections (closing no longer possible since WM5 AKU3), read files from the Internet

  • Several condition and loop structures (If, Switch, Choice dialog, While, ForEach, ...)

  • Lots of system features (e.g. rotation, volume, backlight brightness, soft reset, battery level, ...)

  • Subroutines (Call, Sub/EndSub)

  • Variables, expressions (integer operations, string contatenations, ...), and lots of integrated functions