Current version: 2.4 (Change log)


Please pay attention to the installation and update informations in the Manual!


Short description

Despite the name, MortButtons is NOT a
tool to assign applications to buttons, like BtnPlus, VITO
ButtonMapper, PowerButton, and similar tools.

Instead, it allows to create multiple small menus, which can be used with just one button (also see "General Usage" in the manual).

also offers a menu that consists of all currently running applications,
thus enabling a quick and easy task switching like Alt-Tab in Windows.

menus can be assinged to your buttons with either the systems settings
or any tool you use (like those told above). Please
refer to the manual of your tool for details to those.

is freeware, i.e., you can use it without paying. Modifications are not
allowed, though.


  • Every application button can be used (up to 5 different main menus)

  • No problems with games or other apps using the buttons - works fine in combination with BtnPlus, ButtonMapper, and similar tools

  • Task List: Lets you switch easily to one of the running applications. You can also close tasks by Tap&Hold.

  • Minimize, close, close all, and close all but current application

  • Selection with multiple presses of just one button possible

  • It's also possible to select an entry with the direction pad or by tapping it

  • Select the applications or documents to start from start menu or the complete file system

  • Document starts (opened with the assigned application) are supported

  • Create new documents ("New" menu entries) with application buttons

  • Use own menus or entire directories as submenus

  • Activation of Today screen and already existing windows (i.e. the app's only activated when running, no start by accident!)

  • Skin support with overrideable font and color settings

  • Display style (background, skin, ...) and timeout settings can be set for each main menu

  • Own icons can be used for menu entries

  • Supports WM2003 SE: VGA, landscape, rotation - by entries or when a program is launched


Thanks a lot to:

Jim Kornneef, Chris Maunder, und Davide Pizzolato for the code to load images.

The users of

All other testers, users, and esp. donators ;)

All friends for their existence :)