MortButtons - change log

  • "New" entries for calls and new messages to given recipents / accounts

  • Better support for WM5 (e.g. Softkeys)

  • Additional settings for task list

  • Bugfix: After screen rotation, MortButtons shouldn't appear anymore


  • Bugfix: Closing the "Programs" folder and subfolders caused a soft reset

  • Bugfix: When preloading the menus after a soft reset, sometimes the first entry of the first menu was run


  • Additional entries for task management (Minimize, Close, Close all, Close all but current)

  • Tap & Hold functions, e.g. switch to task -> close task. Works also by keeping a hardware button pressed.

  • Additional options for task lists

  • Works fine on VGA devices running WM5


  • Faster first activation when using "stay in background"

  • MortButtons can be hidden from task lists

  • Fixed display errors when using "transparent background"


  • Display and timeout can be set for each main menu

  • Own icons can be used for menu entries

  • Empty entries at the end of the menus won't be removed


  • Skipped, to avoid confusion with V2.01


  • Better background type selection

  • Transparent background (formerly "Show menu background" deactivated) without empty areas

  • Input panel (e.g. keyboard) will be hidden

  • Entry selection tree works is fitted to landscape

  • Bugfix: On hx4700, entries were skipped when using the application buttons

  • Bugfix: "Back" entry in submenus sometimes was shown multiple times


  • WM2003 SE - support (VGA, landscape)

  • Skin support

  • Better support of links (icons, paramters)

  • Arbitrary number of entries per menu

  • Localization support

  • Browse subdirectories with MortButtons (just assign a directory to a menu)

  • Screen rotation: Automatically for a launched program or with special entries (requires WM2003SE)

  • Create new documents (entries of "New" menu, requires WM2003)

  • Own submenus

  • Several smaller bugfixes and interface changes


  • Task list (assign "MortTasks" to a button or use "Internals"-"Switch to"-"Task List")

  • Tasks can be excluded from list in General Settings

  • Display settings (font, colors)

  • Renamed "Application" setup to "Entries"

  • Shows correct icons for Pocket Outlook applicitions (Tasks, Contacts, Calendar) and some other applications

  • "Internals"-"Activate" to activate an application only if its already running (incl. the Today screen)

  • Entries can be moved to other positions

  • Minor optical modifications


  • Beta versions for V1.0


  • Completely new program architecture

  • Applikation data in files (easier backup), convertion tool is installed)

  • Faster (esp. on reaktivation)

  • Bugfix: "Timeout on activation" didn't work sometimes

  • Splitted settings into applikations (per button) and Generic Settings

  • Expanded "Internals", e.g. switching to other button menus

  • Toolbar: Menu with all Buttons, Setup Menu, About screen

  • Up to 12 applications possible - starting with 8 applikations, small icons are shown

  • Optionally space where applikations are not assigned

  • Documents can be selected and launched

  • Minor changes at optics and usage

  • Own selection bars are possible

  • "Cancel" was renamed to "Exit" and got a new icon


  • Re-activation when "stays in memory" is active should work faster

  • Some minor redesigns of the setup screen


  • The problem with multiple instances and program starts should be solved

  • Links, which contain parameters (e.g. Calendar = poutlook.exe calendar) will work

  • The entries can be run by tapping them

  • The cursor keys should now work on all devices

  • Running the selected entry works also with "cursor right"


  • Graphical facelift

  • The assigned applications are shown in the list on the setup screen

  • The "No timeout" option was integrated into the timeout listbox integriert (entry "none")

  • New option to deactivate the timeout only after activating the program

  • "Setup" is no more a fixed entry, but can be chosen as an "Internals"

  • By this (and a little layout redesign) up to 7 applications can be assigned (before 5)

  • To be able to modifythe settings without a "Setup" entry, there's a separate "Setup" programm ("MortButtons Setup").


  • Selecting
    the next entry by pressing an application button is handled in the
    pressing event instead of the release event. By this, if you activaed
    "Stay in memory", it doesn't happen the second entry is sometimes
    selected on activation.

  • New application tree entry "Internals"-"Cancel".

  • Modifications
    to the global settings (Stay in Memory, Timeout) will be recognised by
    "sleeping" programs ("stay in memory" activated) when done by another


  • Smaller executables for the "MortButton" programs (less memory usage)

  • Selection bar in blue (before: yellow)

  • Nomore "greying" of non-selected entry labels


  • "Preload tool" for the DLL removed

  • Option to keep the button programs in memory

  • Support of links

  • Start menu in the application tree

  • Installation in "Accessories"


  • First version