: Small PPC tools

The predecessors of Windows Mobile offered a menu "New" on the Today screen, which allowed to create several things quite comfortably - e.g. new contacts, appointments, word documents, etc.

NewTray brings back this feature as a tray icon.

Advantages: Very small footprint, uses the entry names of the system (i.e., it's always localized without any additional work from me or you)

Installation: Just copy the file contained in the ZIP archive to your PPC (e.g. with "Browse device" in ActiveSync) and create a shortcut in Windows' startup directory: In the file explorer of your PPC, "copy" the file, then go to \Windows\Startup (or any localized name), "Insert shortcut".

Hint: On some newer PPCs, not all entries are working. That's not the program's fault, but is caused by the fact that the "New" functionality is hidden by default. Due to this, some manufacturers don't test this feature. For example, "Message" doesn't work at all on the Asus P525, on other devices it doesn't use the recent account, shows strange dialogs, ... You might want to check out New "New message" in this download area.