MortButtons 2.4 (CAB)
: MortButtons (PPC): Program

Changes since V2.31:

  • Better handing using WM5 (e.g. support of softkeys)

  • "New" entries for new messages and calls with selection of recipent and (for messages) the account to use

  • Program shouldn't appear anymore after changing the screen orientation

  • Some more options for the task list

updating, be aware that Windows Mobile 5 – in spite to its predecessors
– always uninstalls the previous version. Because of this, you have to
backup the menu informations when you update from a version lower than
. To do this, copy Button1.mbi to Button5.mbi, as well as
the folder "Submenus" (though the latter should remain untouched).
Starting with V2.4b2, these files are backed up automatically when you
choose to keep the settings during deinstallation, and restored after
installation (if you install to the same directory - otherwise the
backup will not be found). Nevertheless, a backup can never harm even
with those newer versions...